Purchasing Istanbul Real Estate

Lilimont specializes in the sale and rental of Istanbul property. Our Istanbul real estate investment experience and property sourcing expertise allow us to provide a very unique and bespoke real estate agency.
We work with experienced agents who source hand-picked, exclusive properties. Our expert consultants work hard to discover the best investment opportunities, so we can offer our clients Istanbul real estate on the best terms. Whether it is the ideal lifestyle, potentially lucrative investment opportunities, or both, we work hard to research and obtain highly sought-after property in Istanbul.
Istanbul property is diverse, and there are opportunities to suit every buyer or renter. We have access to the best opportunities in the market, thanks to our ‘on-the-ground’ knowledge and network of agents, developers and property managers.

Why Lilimont?

The Lilimont partners offer a personal and comprehensive service with 10 years experience in Istanbul property providing in-depth knowledge of all aspects relating to property sourcing and purchase. Understanding the culture, purchase process and potential pitfalls are all paramount.

As Lilimont agents are based in Istanbul, they are highly active in the sector. This means we can often be the first to bring investment opportunities to our clients. However, Lilimont ensure there are strict criteria in place for vetting potential Istanbul real estate opportunities

At Lilimont, we focus on the client. We can support with sourcing, purchase procedure, contract signing and registering the property. This can be invaluable thanks to our knowledge and experience in the sector as well as our central location in the heart of Istanbul. Additionally, we can also assist with post purchase administration such as utility connections, rent collection and cleaning services.

Why buy Istanbul Property?

Istanbul sits at the crossroads of East and West and has always been of international strategic importance. It is now more important than ever as an integral piece of the global political and economic jigsaw puzzle.

Whether on the European or Anatolian side, there are many prime locations for authentic homes or city living in the heart of Istanbul’s skyline. Istanbul real estate allows buyers and renters excellent connections across the world. It is the ideal blend of cultures, with all facilities for an enviable lifestyle.

Istanbul Property search

We specialize in central Istanbul as our local real estate knowledge in neighborhoods such as Cihangir, Galata, Tarlabasi, Nisantasi and Besiktas is unparalleled.

While we make communication as easy as possible for our clients in the quest for their perfect Istanbul real estate, negotiating Istanbul property is arranged in the traditional way. Our specialist agents take part in plenty of face to face meetings, always accompanied by the famous sweet Turkish tea. Our experience in Istanbul property negotiation means we take care of all of the legwork, making property sales and renting opportunities as seamless and straightforward as possible for our vendors and clients.

Please begin your Istanbul real estate search by clicking on the link below. You can then search either with our interactive map, or directly through our full listings.



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