Lilimont specializes in doing high-quality renovations and restorations for its clients. Our tireless effort ensures a clean final product, while giving priority to completing the owner’s design vision.

Cihangir Bosphorus View

Size: 95 sqm

Completion time:2 months

Works included: Entire renovation.

This was quite an ‘ornate’ style. You have to deliver what the client wants. In any event, the workmanship was first class and the owner achieved the goal of re-selling at a good profit.

Complete financial details of these renovation projects can be provided on request

Classic Beauty

Size: 160 sqm

Completion time: 3 month

Works included: Entire renovation

It seemed to take forever to peel back the old paint on the doors and prep them for re-painting. And there were so many doors. The end result, I believe, speaks for itself. The flooring was delightful, especially as the heating was under the floor – a real treat on those cold winter days. The amazing 3.8 m ceilings lent this already spacious property an extra element of luxury.

Cool Office

Size: 75 sqm

Completion time: 1.5 months

Works included: Entire renovation.

Located in Aynali Cesme, this became our actual office for many years, with so many good memories. It is the property I most regret having sold. For nostalgia’s sake, I will try to purchase it if it ever comes up on the market. The rock fire place was magic and we actually got it in good working order – after a few smoky attempts. In those days, we were on a tight budget, so all the boys rolled up their sleeves and contributed to the work, me included.Epoxy flooring completed the cool industrial look we were aiming for. With incredibly thick walls, we nicknamed this property, ‘The War Room’.

Heavy Overhaul

Size: 85 sqm

Completion time: 3 months.

Works included: Entire renovation

…and then some more.This was perhaps the most technically difficult renovation we have ever done. It was not so much a renovation, but rather a re-build. The core of the property was rotted out, so we rolled up our sleeves and did the necessary. I will always remember this property because I fell half way through the floor, with my legs dangling into the apartment below. After the workers pulled me out, the owner of the property below came upstairs and asked me if I wanted to buy his apartment. Only in Turkey ( :

Loft with Cool Stairs

Size: 110 sqm

Completion time: 2 months

This was also a memorable project. It was a beautiful property in Galata, with an amazing sea view. It was for a high-profile client and became one of our signature projects. Everybody who sees this apartment falls in love with it.

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